Maryland elopement photography & videography
Maryland Elopemen photographer and videographer
Brandon Talanehzar, elopement videographer

Hi! I'm the video guy.


Some people call me Brandon. To sum up my personality, I can just say I am in love with Coconuts.  That is how our cat got her name, Coco.  I am from Maryland and I met a crazy beautiful German girl who turned my life upside down and gave me wings, hence all the moving and traveling we have done together.  My wife started doing photography and first I  supported her through crowd funding to buy her first professional camera,  being her light stand and event coordinator, until I found my passion for cinematography.  I just love doing all things video, whether it is a short film for fun, or capturing the story of two people in love. Now I am now officially the video guy. 

Isabel Talanehzar, elopement planner and photographer


This is us, your photo, video and elopement planning team!

We've been together for 14 years, and spent most of that time studying, traveling and living abroad. We love yoga, planning road trips, and most of all, our cat Coco who adopted us while living in Puerto Rico. We now call Ellicott City, Maryland our home, and we enjoy living in a historic house with gorgeous Main Street views. 

Hi! I'm Isabel,

lover of animals and capturer of romantic stories. I was born in Germany, moved to Maryland, back to Germany, maintained a long distance relationship ship with the video guy for 2 years, randomly moved to Puerto Rico, learned Spanish, and then moved to Maryland again. Shewww! That's a lot of moving, but now I am happy to have settled in Maryland for good. During 6 years of living in Puerto Rico, I developed a serious avocado addiction, became a coffee snob, and realized that I'm not the greatest salsa dancer. I love my new home, and just like any other trendy person I'm really into house plants, yoga, and hiking. 

I love being creative with my camera, and even when I'm not working, I always see the world through my lens, telling stories and capturing memories. 

Coco the cat

Hi! I'm Coco. 


CEO and Creative Director.

Boss cat, muse and main actor. 

I despise belly rubs. 

Now that you've heard a little bit about us, we would love to connect and hear your story!