My Story 

Some people say that being a coffee addict is not a character trait. That's 100% false in my case. I can't live without coffee, I and when I'm not shooting, you will most likely find me hanging around in a cute little cafe somewhere. I also own a pretty fancy espresso machine for someone who lives a more or less minimalist lifestyle. What can I say, priorities...

During my 6 years of living in Puerto Rico, that addiction manifested itself, because Puerto Rican coffee is hands down THE BEST. So, how did I end up in Puerto Rico you're wondering?


Well, here's my story:  

I was born and raised in Germany, and came to the USA for the first time when I was 19. I stayed there for one year and met my now husband, Brandon. We moved to Germany together and I got a degree in art conservation. While in university I was taking many classes about studio photography, and actually bought my first professional camera to document artwork. I soon discovered that my true passion lies in photography and decided to leave the science world behind and dive into a more creative profession. 

After a couple years of living in Germany, we decided it was time for some better weather and headed to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. We ended up living and working there for 6 years! I feel so privileged that I got to shoot weddings, elopements and all kinds of photo sessions in some of the most beautiful locations. 

Now, that our island life has come to an end, we're ready for the next adventure in Maryland. It might not sound as exciting as the Caribbean, but I honestly can't wait for some hikes in the woods, road trips, and for the seasons to change!

I'm pretty laid back person, and I keep a cool head even when the wedding days get a little stressful around me. Even though I lived the island life, I've never lived on island time, and never let go of my super German punctuality. I swear, I couldn't be late for anything, even if I tried. 

We're not the typical husband and wife team, we actually both run our own businesses, but we always help each other out and work together frequently  so there's a pretty high chance you will meet this guy at your wedding, especially if you're booking video as well. 

Anyways, I told you my story, or at least parts of it, now I'm ready to hear yours! 

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