I'm so excited you found your way to my page! 
I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but love to travel anywhere to photograph the memories of your life. If you're looking for someone to not only take your pictures, but to capture your personalities, and your genuine love for each other, you've come to the right place.  If you're a lover of a colorful, vibrant and timeless style, just keep scrolling! 

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We're located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but we're available on the entire island and the Caribbean.  

We've  also recently shot weddings in Germany, Maryland and California, and we would love to add more amazing places to that list, so don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for a photographer outside of Puerto Rico! 

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Hi, I'm Isabel

or Izzy, or Isa, an adventurous photographer who's home is everywhere and nowhere. I've lived in many places, and moved to Puerto Rico in 2014. Since then I've been exploring the Caribbean through my lens, and discovered my passion for wedding and couples photography. 
I love meeting new people, share stories and get inspired by my clients personalities which makes every session a unique experience. I can't wait to meet you! 

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Isabel is overall amazing. I wanted to plan a shoot where in the middle of it I would get down on one knee for my girlfriend. Leading up to it, I was very nervous about it all and I reached out to a few photographers, but Isabel just had such an excited response and immediately gave me a run down on different ideas on how we could do it, she was great to talk to and gave me a lot of input for the shoot and making it as memorable as possible. She made the whole process stress free and was incredible at getting in contact with. On the day of the shoot she showed up with a videographer to help capture these amazing moments for us. They were both incredibly friendly and despite the rainy weather, they made me he shoot so fun and both the photos and video were BREATHTAKING!!!!! We are so IN LOVE with this shoot. They are both SO incredibly creative and I’m so glad I had both Isabel and Jacqui present for this shoot and such an important day of our lives. The photos came out so beautiful and the video was incredible. We are so grateful we forever have the video and photos to look back on. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!!!!! Thank you two again so much for everything!!! We seriously can’t wait for our next shoot out in Puerto Rico!!